Build Valuable Life Skills

Build Valuable Life Skills

Residents can get developmental residential skill building in Embden, ME

MAC Residential Services, Inc. helps people with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities learn valuable life skills they will use for the rest of their lives. Our residential skills building program is comprehensive and accessible. Our goal is to provide the best home support services as possible.

Our Direct Support Staff (DSP) assists residents at their own pace with the following:

  • Self-Care / Activities of Daily Living (ADLs): The objective is to promote and maintain skills of self-esteem, self-confidence and well-being. Some examples of self-care include, nail care, hand washing, hair care/styling, face washing, bathing/showers, shaving, applying deodorant, oral hygiene, and toileting, as well as dressing and eating.
  • Mobility:The objective is to promote balance and agility, physical exercise, gross motor skills and safety skills while moving about.
  • Meal Planning & Preparation:The objective is to establish and maintain skills in areas of health choices, self-confidence, decision-making skills, and sensory awareness skills.
  • Independent Living Skills:The objective is to establish and maintain independent living skills which include activities that promote self-confidence, problem solving, and decision making skills.
  • Medication Administration:
    The objective is to maintain the individual's medication regimen per doctor's orders to ensure the health and safety of the individual.
  • & other skills including but not limited to Interpersonal Skills, Safety Skills, Physical Activity & Exercise, Verbal & Gestural Communication, Spiritual/religious Activities, Personal Development & Learning, Accessing Community Events, Activities and Resources.


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A home, not just a place to live...

We provide Home Support Services for Adults with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities

Maine's intellectual/developmental disability service system has changed a lot over the years from large institutions to the current model of a flexible and dynamic system focused on the individual being fully integrated into their community.

MAC's initial evaluation process ensures that each individual is matched with their best-fit living environment. Prospective residents and their families/guardians meet with our staff to identify the individual's needs and interests. After a pre-visit to tour potentially compatible homes one or more homes are selected for a longer visit. This allows the individual and guardian to 'sample' MAC's home-y environment for a long-term positive experience.

This introduction process may take up to several weeks but we feel that making the individual feel comfortable from the day that they move into one of our facilities is important in building a successful relationship with MAC's staff and the housemates they will live with.

To learn more about our Residential Care facilities, arrange a tour, or begin the process of finding a good match, please contact our experienced team at 207-566-5766