Providing Individualized Social & Recreational Opportunities

Providing Individualized Social & Recreational Opportunities

Get involved with community integration & other development service activities in Embden, ME

Community integration is a big part of what we do at MAC Residential Services, Inc. We help our residents get involved with their community. We aren't here to be the only line of support for people needing development services. We're here to connect people to other lines of support in their communities. We specifically choose events based on the needs and wishes of our residents.
Regular Community events include:


  • Going to the races and/or mud runs
  • Visiting local theaters to watch movies and/or plays
  • Camping at popular Maine campsites
  • Traveling to see professional sporting events¬†
  • & more!

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We provide the personal touch for our residents

You'd be surprised at how many opportunities there are for our resident to work, play, exercise and volunteer. We can match individuals with development service activities that suit them. We provide transportation to events.

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