Where the Difference Is Made

Where the Difference Is Made

Bring your loved one to an assisted living facility in Embden, ME

No matter how much you care about your loved one, you might not always have the resources they need. That's where MAC Residential Services, Inc. comes in. Our assisted living facility is fully equipped to cater to individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities.

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Seeking group home employment?

Group home employment is a great option for people who want to give back to the community. Our employees are trained professionals who are dedicated to helping those with special needs reach their goals.

At our facilities, residents have access to:

  • Engaging and enlightening special needs activities
  • Comprehensive autistic residential care
  • Special needs skill building
  • Community integration on a large scale

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What makes MAC Residential Services stand out?

We have been providing opportunities for people with special needs for over 20 years. Our experience gives us the ability to better match people with opportunities and activities suited for them.

Our family centered atmosphere is great for people with special needs. It's important to us that our facility isn't clinical or impersonal. We make it a point to form relationships with our residents and create lasting bonds. We focus on our family centered atmosphere, which is why residents and staff work together daily to make dinner.

We're all about person-centered planning. No two people are alike. That's why no two care plans should be identical. We're here to help residents set and meet goals. such as; helping our residents obtain their GED, getting their driver's license, and finding employment opportunities within the community. We love being apart of the community when it comes to fundraisers, events and training residents for the Special Olympics.

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